The sequel to This Will Not Look Good on My Resume!

Funny, feel-good, happy-ever-after dog stories told by the ever-quirky, ever-sarcastic Brett from This Will Not Look Good on My Resume. Also featured are her own two dogs, Kessie and Snookums,  and her four regulars, Chum, Hunk, Little Miss, and Spunky Doo.

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Magenta 2014

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“… terrifically funny and ingeniously acerbic…” Dr. Patricia Bloom, My Magic Dog

“I enjoyed this book IMMENSELY! It had me sad at times and laughing out loud at others, and I just couldn’t stop reading it. …” Deborah Titus, Smashwords

“A fun, well-written book!  Jass Richards has written a fun, lively collection of dog stories, tied together by Brett, a woman who’s had a hard time hanging on to traditional jobs. She already has two dogs, Kessie and Snookums, and she likes nothing better than to hang out with them. Why not make this interest an enterprise and get paid for something she loves? Brett easily acquires four regular “customers,” Chum, Hunk, Little Miss, and Spunky Doo, and they rotate their daily activities between going to the beach, dog park, field, or whatever else comes along.  And plenty of other things come along.
“Jocko won’t leave his property, Carson won’t come into the house, Rosie is a depressed former race dog. Biscuit refuses to go on walks, and Winner, a blue-and-grey Australian shepherd is an over-achieving herder. Amber is a distraught search-and-rescue dog, Toby a wall-flower unless he has his turtle costume on. Cookie, a puppy-mill casualty, sees the light of day, probably for the first time in her life. Can Brett and the pack help Bo and his person compete in serious frisbee competition? And can Brett and her pack help Nisha, a blind lab, swim again?
“The author’s descriptions of the various breeds and their problems are poignant and heart-warming. As a dog lover, I enjoyed the stories and could relate to many of the situations. The main human character, Brett, is funny in a caustic, quirky sort of way, with a heart for dogs in need and a propensity for knowing how to have fun with them.”  Mary Trimble, My Magic Dog

“[Brett] has a really dry humor. The dogs in the story are what made me laugh, but some of Brett’s comments had me smiling.” – Sally Balboa, LibraryThing

“… I liked the writing style … it was funny and sarcastic….   Though it is the second in the Brett series, it works as a stand alone. I hadn’t read the first one and didn’t need to know what was going on. I look forward to reading others by this author.”  Teena in Toronto

“Cute light reading – a set of short stories about dogs of all sizes, shapes, and personalities, and their dog walker who ends up being a sage to various dog owners. This is a book you want at the beach or when you just need a rest from the daily grind.”  4/5 stars, bgcmars, LibraryThing

“Funny and entertaining! I looked forward to picking up this book at the end of a long day. So many of the humans in the stories were the ones in need of training, not the dogs. Truly heartwarming and positive.” 4/5 stars, Mary Baluta, LibraryThing

“The descriptions of the dogs’ antics will definitely give you some laughs.”  rpagan, Amazon