(Rev and Dylan #4)

What if there was an app that could cloak you in a cross-gendered hologram?  And it had a voice modulation module?  Women could present as men and get better-paying jobs.  Men could present as women and get groped in the subway.  Cool.

Magenta 2020

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“This book is brilliant. … The premise is really intriguing … beta testers are sought for an app that can mask the gender of a person and change it to the opposite one by creating a hologram based on the person’s initial appearance. … The issues brought up in the book are very timely and relevant at the moment. With everything that is going on in the world (with minorities and gender rights and equalities), especially after JK Rowling’s comments on the gender matter … The author did an excellent job in writing dialogues and discussions between main characters on gender-related topics, and the scene at the airport just had me laughing out loud. I liked the humor, the writing and the serious issues talked about in the book. This way the story is extremely thought-provoking and interesting to follow.”  Katya, Goodreads

Could an App change our views of the world?  The ReGender App by Jass Richards might answer that question.  When I started reading this book, I had no idea how things are going to turn out. But must admit I was very impressed with it.  First and foremost the characters are really cool (for their age). They are those type of people I’d like to hang out with. Intelligent, witty, and adventurous. I enjoyed their dialogue and insights. …   I loved the issues Jass Richards touched in this book. We live in a world where women’s discrimination is still an untackled subject. It was interesting to see how things are being seen once you live in the shoes of the opposite sex and see the world through their eyes. … This is a book I really recommend to any book club and to people who are interested in gender differences and gender discrimination.”  Mesca Elin, Psychochromatic Redemption