Mr. Deity – hilarious short videos

Rof, Inc. – check out their No Preaching Allowed door plaque and many other products!

Madeleine Begun Kane – humorist & song parodist

Humorlinks – links to humor on the internet

Atheists Online

The Atheist Handbook (and lots of links to atheist sites)

Freethunk (hosted by Jeff Swenson) – comics, games and videos for atheists – go visit!

Laughsend: Spoof News, Satire & Funny Horoscopes

God is Pretend – a great site with a fantastic list of atheist blogs

Shaun Eli – smart comedy

DaveCoverly’s Speed Bump cartoons

The Onion: America’s Finest News Source (hilarious)

Dylan Moran’s site

Humor Directory, Jokes, Funny Links – various categories of websites linking to joke story, joke picture, job humor, humor columns, practical jokes & pranks and more

The Funny Feminist