Jane Smith is a character In my novel A Philosopher, a Psychologist, and an Extraterrestrial Walk into a Chocolate Bar.  And she started this dictionary. I’ve continued it. And everyone else is supposed to finish it. Well, add to it. (It’s unlikely it’ll ever be finished.) Send additions – new definitions to the entries already listed and/or completely new entries – for future editions to me at  (Additionally, you can add your entries to the tumblr page I set up, hoping it would become viral like “Everyday Sexism” and “Why I’m a Feminist” and #MeToo.  Sadly, it did not.)

Jane also started a list titled “And here’s something else that would never happen to a man …” – which I include at the end of the dictionary (it’s also in Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off, 2e). I created a tumblr page for this as well, similarly hoping it would become viral, but, similarly, it did not. Pity. (But it’s not too late! Add your additions to the page and send them to me for future editions of the Dictionary.)

Magenta 2022

Given its length and the hoped-for-often updating with additions, this one’s not available in print. 

It IS available, however, in various e-formats (Kindle, Kobo, NookBook, iBook), but if you’re content with epub or pdf, you can download it right here!  For free! 

(And if anyone feels inclined to write a review or some sort of reader response that I can post here, do send it to me!)  (And thanks!)


“Oooh, awesome!”  C. Osborne, who read A Philosopher … Chocolate Bar and loved it