(Rev and Dylan #3)

On goodreads’ Fiction Books That Opened Your Eyes To A Social Or Political Issue list!

Rev and Dylan return from their Blasphemy Tour to discover that Canada has adopted the Parent Licence Act: people who wish to become parents must apply for, and meet certain requirements before being granted, a licence.  What if?  After all, we require hairdressers and plumbers to be licensed.   Dylan, freelance journalist, investigates, interviews, and observes; Rev, loose cannon, solves an ‘illegal fertilization’ mystery.  They both occasionally get stoned and silly, and deal with a baby wolf who has adopted them.

Magenta 2014

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“I’m very much intrigued by the issues raised in this narrative. I also enjoy the author’s voice, which is unapologetically combative but also funny and engaging.”  A. S.

“You make me laugh out loud! And I love Froot Loup!”  Celeste M.

“A thought-provoking premise and a wonderful cast of characters.”  H.W.