(Rev and Dylan #1)

Rev and Dylan are intelligent, sensitive, idealistic, enthusiastic, and – utter failures. When they reconnect some twenty years after teacher’s college, Rev is en route to Montreal to see the fireworks festival. (Something with great social and political import.) (Oh shut up. I tried. For two frickin’ decades. So fuck it.) Dylan goes along for the ride. (Typical.)

Seriously funny.

Magenta 2011

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“I am impressed by the range from stoned silliness to philosophical perspicuity, and I love your comic rhythm.” L. S.

“Watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail last weekend. Could only think of Jass Richards and The Road Trip Dialogues… ‘Here comes the cow!'” May Arend

“With a wicked sense of humor … an inherently engaging, fully entertaining, and impressively thought-provoking read.” Paul Vogel, Midwest Book Review about The Road Trip Dialogues

“Rev and Dylan run into each other twenty years after Teachers’ College. Rev is on her way to Montreal to see the fireworks and, since Dylan has nothing else to do, he decides to go along for the ride. What follows is a lot of talk about life, feminism, politics, religion, and the nature of cats as well as the consumption of copious amounts of weed and junk food. All of this sounds kinda boring but, really, it wasn’t. It was fun and funny and it’s definitely the kind of book that makes you think. It also gave me my new favourite Biblical quote, Psalm 137:9. It can really liven up a conversation.  Anyway, if you’re looking for adventure, romance, or mystery you might want to skip this book but if you just want a fun read that’ll make you think long after you finish the last page, definitely give this one a try.”   justmax, smashwords.com

“Just thought I’d let you know I’m on the Fish ‘n Chips scene and laughing my ass off.”  Ellie Burmeister

“These two need stable jobs.  Oh wait, no.  Then we wouldn’t get any more road trips.  Fantastic book which expands the mind in a laid back sort of way.  Highly recommended.   5/5 stars.”  lindainalabama

Has it really been 10 YEARS since I read this book? Amazing.  Jass Richards is still comedic genius but now that I’m 35 I start to feel some of the pains from the book. The despair and depression… And the attitude, definitely.  As I’m writing this I’m already 8% in on The Blasphemy Tour and I have to say… They are definitely best read together.”  May Arend, Goodreads 5/5