There have been over 2000 tests of nuclear weapons since World War II. You’d think we’d get it right after, say, the first couple hundred.
And we haven’t figured out yet what to do with the leftover stuff. We have enough radioactive waste to contaminate all of the Earth’s lakes and rivers – twice. Canada alone has enough to stack a six foot high pile along the TransCanada Highway from coast to coast. We don’t know what to do with the stuff. But we keep making it.
We tossed some of it into the ocean. But apparently it doesn’t just dissolve. We launched some of it into outer space. But now the insurance companies won’t cover our space shuttles for collision. We buried some of it in containers–that clearly won’t last as long as the stuff itself. And we used some of it to build schools and kitchen tables. Call it recycling. Our favourite way to get rid of it, however, seems to be sneaking into some other country’s back yard late at night, dumping it, and then running away.

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